Autumn is Here

A common title of this week’s postings online, Autumn has arrived… in Flores island with a storm, of course. Tropical storm “Gaston” will reach the Azores today affecting the weather in the next few days. There have been so many storms that they are now repeating the names since we had a hurricane/tropical storm “Gaston” in September 2016

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Fajãzinha (1)

I was just looking through some photos on the PC for some new post feature images and found quite a lot of them that show the magnificent paradise that is that small part of Flores Island, but I’m a suspect in this appreciation.

So here are some of the photos in a “photo dump” as I have been reading recently in Instagram posts.

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September in Full Motion

Just noticed that we have just passed the middle of September and it is here in full motion and I still have a couple more weeks to deliver the thesis. I’m feeling a bit tired. Mentally tired since I would love to return to my Flores routine of doing scholar mornings and farming afternoons. Fortunately, things with the thesis are going in a good rhythm. Friday I had a paper at a conference here in Évora… it’s been quite some time. I gave up on paper conferences since they take a lot of time to prepare besides that they are scheduled events which my agenda now has to be kept flexible since I may have to travel to Flores in a few days notice any time.

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Update on the Blog and New Pastures

As expected this last month of the thesis is being exhausting. This is mostly for the reviews and re-checking of the music transcriptions and critical commentary not so much for the main text which is now also in review after the advisor’s notes but is going much more smoothly than the critical edition. Well, there is no surprise here since I soon predicted that there would be changes and things-that-looked-fine-a-couple-of-months-ago-but-now-don’t to be made so I am now making it. The whole work must be delivered until 15 October, but I expect to have it in by the last days of September after another round of advisor review.

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Sheep Project for this Winter

My last days in Fajãzinha (Flores Island) were very intense to leave and prepare things for these two months I’ll be away doing scholar work. Not easy but things were left on a minimum manageable way, mostly with the cows and sheep groups placed in zones where they can be more easily moved in the usual rotation between pastures.

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Summer wrap-up

And we are now entering the last week of August, and it looks that I had just arrived in Flores last week… and with it my Summer here at Europe’s westernmost. One thing I have noticed this Summer: tourism has been at its height during July and August, I dare to say that the island has been more crowded than before the pandemic. Very good for many things but awful to move cows on the road because so many cars are circulating that it’s crazy.

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Drought in the Land of Water

The title of this post could well title a climate change story. Because climate is changing whether people like it or not, believe it or not. If we are at the end of a long periodic cycle of climate change, I don’t know, but one thing I do know: human activity is contributing for changes in nature and the weather all over the world.

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